City Music Service

The City Music Service works in partnership with Stoke-on-Trent schools to offer a wide variety of musical opportunities for over 8000 young people aged 2–18 each week.

Who we are

City Music Service (CMS) delivers a high-quality music education that enhances the lives of pupils in Stoke-on-Trent through transformational experiences. We work hard to raise aspirations and improve attainment for children and young people.

We believe that making music is inspirational and enables pupils to realise their potential within a culture of inclusivity, team working and positive thinking.

Music is an educational building block and can improve learning skills and boost social development. It also encourages creativity, fosters team working, helps build life skills and underpins better behaviour. Music is fun and is for everyone!

Our Offer

We aim to ensure opportunities are available for all children to play, sing, rehearse and perform. Age, race, gender, background and ability should not create barriers for our young people to participate.

How We Work

City Music Service’s professional teaching staff provide:


  • high quality tuition
  • specialist knowledge of the instrumental family being taught
  • opportunities for pupils to take public music examinations where appropriate
  • support in the preparation of pupils for school performances
  • progress evenings and annual reporting to parents/carers

Parents & Pupils

Concerts & Events