Stoke CMS Alumni

Chris Steele

Since joining the Youth Wind Orchestra on solo triangle in 1983 at age 6, the City Music Service has been at the heart and soul of my musical journey.

With support and encouragement from my tutors I quickly progressed to drum kit and the rest of the percussion section playing in the Junior String Band, Wind Band and Orchestras. By college age I had made many friends, performed in a wide variety of music groups, ensembles and orchestras and gained a huge range of professional skills and experiences, whilst performing all around Staffordshire, Europe and even the USA.

After leaving college I was lucky enough to use the skills the City Music Service had given me when I began teaching drum kit and percussion for the City Music Service alongside performing professionally in a variety of bands, shows and groups.

In 2005 I joined the teaching staff full time in Stoke On Trent and Staffordshire allowing me to pass these skills on to further generations of young musicians. Since then I have been privileged to tutor percussionists in a variety of settings from individual Drum kit lessons, whole class percussion workshops, to tutoring several ensembles ranging from a dedicated percussion group to brass bands, woodwind ensembles, rock and pop band and the very same youth group where I began my journey – the City Youth Wind Orchestra!

I can truly say that the City Music Service has been, and continues to be, a key part of my musical career, providing me with life-long skills, friends, experiences, qualifications and enjoyment. My triangle and I are eternally grateful for the skills, memories and enjoyment that the Music Service can provide.